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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 07:31

Books for Divorced Dads

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The Oklahoma Family Law Blog recently wrote an article in honor of father’s day that contained some Must Read Books for Divorced Dads. With a tip of the hat to Dan Nunley, the author of the article, here they are:

Following are four recommended books for fathers dealing with the difficult issues of divorce. Whether you’re in the initial stages of divorce, dealing with the immediate aftermath or well past one, these books will provide down-to-earth ideas and strategies you can use to remain an integral of your children’s lives.

Always Dad: Being a Great Father During & After Divorce by Paul Mandelstein, a divorced father of three and founder of the Father Resource Network.

More and more, divorced fathers are finding out that, rather than being one half of a “broken” home, they can continue to play a crucial role in their children’s lives. You can, too. Turn to Always Dad and discover how to work with your ex to create a fulfilling extended family, one that can help ensure that your kids grow up in an enriching, loving environment.

Live-Away Dads: Staying a Part of Your Children’s Lives When They Aren’t a Part of Your Home by William C. Klatte, a psychotherapist, social worker, and divorced father of two grown daughters who lived with their mother. Klatte begins by advising fathers to take care of themselves, including dealing with anger and depression, good advice for anyone coping with a major life change. He stresses the importance of staying involved with your children despite personal difficulties or the challenges of working with their mother. Later sections deal with cooperation, using the court system, developing parenting skills, and finding support groups.

The Divorced Dad’s Survival Book: How to Stay Connected With Your Kids by David Knox, a divorced father of two. With hands-on “get you through it” plans to help fathers remain positive, involved parents, and personal stories from a variety of home fronts, this invaluable guide illustrates how men can best develop their fathering skills, stay involved with their children, and honestly evaluate their own capabilities as fathers and ex-spouses.